Tom Humbert - Band leader - Vocalist and Composer

What you see is what you get...six foot two and eyes of blue!  You may have been lucky enough to see Tom on the tennis court (crazy good serve!) or even on the links (he's had a hole-in-one...that's right, come get some!!) or singing the National Anthem for the New York Jets...but if you haven't seen him perform with the Rainbow Room Jazz then you are really missing out!!! 

He's been singing, playing piano and guitar all his life. Even  as a 9 year old, Tom performed on the famous "Ray Heatherton Show" (who was in the original 1937 Broadway production of Rodgers & Hart's "Babes in Arms") and since has been performing all across the USA.  He's had staring roles in over 50 musical theatre productions, has been on TV, radio and film and is a member of Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). Tom has even sung at the White House for two presidents!!

Tom Humbert and the Rainbow Room Jazz have recorded two Cd's and been together for 13 years.  The show just keeps getting better and better...check out the calendar for up coming shows!!!!

Mike Capobianco - Pianist and Arranger

  Mike, or as we like to call him, "Cappy" is one of the core members of the Rainbow Room Jazz and has played at the "Top of the Rock" for more than ten years!  His total command of the ivories is evident on every song and jazz tune he plays.  The complex keyboard harmony Cappy chooses to use to bring out the "newness" of these timeless classic songs is true genius and his style of jazz improvasation is second-to-none!

John "X" Ray - Bassist and Chart Transcriber

  John Ray is also one of the core members of the Rainbow Room Jazz and has played at the Rainbow Room with Mike Capobianco and Kenny Hassler for more than ten years!  This cat is so hip that he simply lets his bass do the talking...and thats just what it does...talks, laughs, cries, screams and loves!  One of the finest musicians you've ever met, "X" is the back bone of this fantastic group.

Kenny Hassler - Drummer

  Kenny Hassler is also one of the core members of the Rainbow Room Jazz and has played at the "Top of the Rock" with Mike and John for many years and this here is a man who takes his drumming flair seriously.  He has played with some of the worlds greatest musicians and singers like Madeline Kole- vocalist, Richie Iacona- piano/arranger, Gary Hasse- bass, Jay Leonhart- bass just to name a few.  He is true "showbiz"!!

Wayne Schuster - Saxophone

   Blood, Sweat & Tears was just one of the many famous bands that this dynamic sax player has had the opportunity to play with...and now he lends his jazz chops on many songs on "The Goings Great".  Some of his finest playing can be heard on a number of cuts...check it out!